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Smart neurological examinations

Brain-NET offers clinically validated digital applications to enable fast and accurate neurological examinations.

Advanced examination technology 


Technology enhances neurological assessment with more accurate and challenging tasks than traditional examination.

Clinically validated

We conducted studies that demonstrated that our apps were reliable and could highlight subtle abnormalities that are not detected with a traditional exam.


Our apps could reveal abnormalities even at preclinical stages of several neurological diseases.

We are working with those institutions
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Our Products

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Perform an eye tracking exam in a few minutes just with an iPad.

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Neuro Fast Screen

Explore various neurological functions like dexterity, cognition, or vision in a fast and innovative way.


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Multidimensional neurological exploration
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Get results within a few minutes
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Respects data privacy
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Easy data analysis
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Available on  iPad

Useful Resources

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Digital biomarkers & RIS
Journal of Neurology, 2020

We demonstrated that digital  biomarkers collected with our apps could unveal clinical abnormalities in asymptomatic subjects identified with a radiologically isolated syndrome.

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Reliability of mobile video-oculography
MS and related disorders, 2022

We tested eVOG on a sample of patients and demonstrated it was able to distinguish reliably patients with eye movement abnormalities in comparison to the gold standard examination.


Who developed the apps?

Apps have been developed by Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Mikael Cohen, a senior neurologist specialized in multiple sclerosis and neuro ophthalmology.

Brain-NET has been developing iOS applications for 10 years and has been focusing on how digital technology could improve the accuracy of neurological examination, unveiling subtle abnormalities that can not be detected with a traditional exam.

How have the apps been validated?

Brain-NET applications have been clinically tested in studies which involved MS patients, asymptomatic subjects who were identified for a radiologically isolated syndrome, and healthy controls.

We also tested the apps on a sample of soccer and rugby players to evaluate their potential value to detect neurological complications after concussions (work in progress).

Please contact us for more information.

Which device do I need to run the apps?

The apps require an iPad Pro running with iOS17 or later. For a high quality video oculographic examination, we recommend using a stand to maintain the iPad in the required position during the exam.

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